November 4, 2011
>Jack Noir: Venture out of your cave.



It’s been a long long time since you’ve left your trailer. A change of pace is probably good for you. Your alcohol is completely gone too, so that’s a motivator. Maybe you could get someone to buy some or give some to you.

The door creaks shut and is quiet when it closes. The only thing you have worth stealing is in your pocket, nice and sharpened, just in case.

There doesn’t really seem to be anyone just wandering about when you reach the trailer park. It’s silent and cold and dark, of course there’s no one there. You just walk around with your hands shoved into your pockets, hoping someone will take pity on your sober ass.

You stuck around to see if you could get your pie tin back, but now Jack has locked it up in his trailer. Ah, well, you have plenty more at home.

Jack is still wandering around as you near the fence. Perhaps if you were closer to his trailer, you would be more careful- but why in the world would he be so near your farm?

Of course that has to be where you bump into him.

Jack gives you a look, and you shove your hands deep into your overall pockets, toeing the ground like a guilty kid.

You’ve long put any sort of feelings for Pa behind by this point. To you, he is the man who owns a farm and makes pie for you sometimes. So after giving him a glare wen he bumps into you, you slouch even further and ask him what his deal is.

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