October 19, 2011
Karkat: Kick the Egberts’ door until it opens



You sit up, grumbling about those dagum noisy kids, and shuffle over the door to open it.

“The heyull d’you want, boy?” you growl, squinting down at the troll. “D’you even know wha time it is?”

For some reason, you were expecting John to answer, and the sight of his father startles you. However, you recover wonderfully.

“Shitfu- beggin’ yer pardon, Mr. Egbe- fuck I ain’t got time fer pleasantries! I need yer help and quick! Someone done shot Miss Rezi!”

There is no way to possibly make Miss Terezi more obvious. She is a bright teal mess stretched out and dripping in your arms.

You make an effort to show how terrified you are on your face. It is a rousing success. 




Pa is ignoring you for some troll with his troll woman. You just sort of stand there watching them interact for a couple seconds before you start yelling, partially incoherently, ordering Pa to get you that goddamn pie al-fucking-ready because you’re hungry as fuck.

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