October 19, 2011
Pa: Get drunk.




You sure seem to be drinking a lot of whiskey, lately. You don’t want ta end up dependent on it… so you grab a bottle of scotch instead.

You pour a large glass and gulp it down, eyes closed. Warmth spreads through your body and you sigh, content to shuffle back over to your chair and have another glass.

You spend the next hour gulping liquor, your straw hat on your knee. You wonder why more people don’t do this to get rid of feelings.


You hear some drunken fool yelling at you for pie, but you fail to oblige. You are drunk, and cannot bake pie! Hoo hoo hoo!

You kick Egbert’s door before yanking it open and storming in. You aren’t in a particularly good mood at the moment, and all you really really want is some pie. Some of Egbert’s delicious pies. “Egbert, gimme sum pie!”

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